Five Selected Outings for The Last Days of the Iron Maiden

It was a tough decision, but here are the five selected outings for The Last Days of the Iron Maiden. Thank you to all of those who submitted proposals. Check this blog for opportunities to participate in some of the outings.  I'll post pictures and narratives after each outing.

Saturday, October 3rd: “Let’s Go Make and Fly a Kite” is facilitated by Brooklyn artists Linn Edwards and Brian Bell. After traveling to Floyd Bennett Field, New York’s first municipal airport on the southeastern shore of Brooklyn, participants will construct kites from recycled plastic bags and sticks, attempt to fly them, have a picnic, and explore the hangars and runways in the community park. The outing will be documented with video and photographs.

Saturday, October 10th: “Dinner Theatre: Mobile Picnic” is part of Brooklyn photographer/performance artist TJ Hospodar’s exploration of food and performance. The Iron Maiden will be used to pick up guests (with reservations) for one-hour in-transit picnics. Diners will be dropped off on the way to the next diner’s location. The Iron Maiden will also be available for the messenger servicelike “Run My Errands.” Please contact Mr. Hospodar at dinnertheatre@tjhospodar.com to make an appointment or for more information.

Saturday, October 17th: “Sun, Sunny's and Sunday: The End of Long Island and The Iron Maiden” will be directed by Brooklyn writer/actor/musician Richard Alwyn Fisher. An early autumn journey through the southern beaches of Queens and Brooklyn, Mr. Fisher’s itinerary includes Gateway National Recreation Area and Breezy Point Park, and will end at the Red Hook hideaway Sunny’s in order to usher in Sunday. The outing will be recorded for a future podcast series by Mr. Fisher. Other forms of artistic reaction and inspiration are encouraged by fellow passengers.

Saturday, October 24th: “Iron Maiden Bandwagon Tailgate Party 2009” is an outing by the collective Bandwagon (Brooklyn artist Chad Stayrook and Queens artist/curator José Ruiz). The Iron Maiden will lead a wagon caravan to a to-be-disclosed location for an All-American tailgate party. Forming a circle of wagons around the Iron Maiden at the destination, Bandwagon will induct both the Iron Maiden and Ms. Miller as honorary members of Bandwagon artists. The event is family-friendly and will include ice-cold beer, cider, a grill, baked beans, and a pop-up tent.

Saturday, October 31st: “Experimental Films on Wheels” is a night planned by New York artists/curators Evonne Davis and Emma Wilcox in which experimental works from the Gallery Aferro (Newark, NJ) film archive are projected from within the Iron Maiden on to its windows. The Iron Maiden will travel to and be stationed at several museums and nightclubs around the city so that passerbys can become spectators of the films. The film series will last throughout the Halloween night. Visit the project’s blog for updates on locations and times.